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Interviewer: ...but you knew each other before.

Fey: We’d met…

Rudd: We knew each other but we didn’t know each other very well. I’m trying to think, did we meet during the Soundtracks thing?

Fey: I think that might have been, yeah, we did this, would you call it a pilot? This special thing that never aired on VH1.

Rudd: Yeah, it was like a live thing.

Fey: It was a really cool thing that Amy Poehler and Amy Miles kind of ran where it was this thing called ‘Soundtracks Live’ where they would take a movie like, was it Sixteen Candles?

Rudd: Yeah, we did Sixteen Candles.

Fey: Where you would like act out the movie and then a band would play the soundtrack live and people would sing the songs.

Rudd: They started at UCB, they had live shows, and then this, yeah.

Fey: I think it just became a thing where the show came out great and then it was just like, I think they just couldn’t clear any of it.

Rudd: We shot it we did everything it was amazing and then John Hughes said no and–

Fey: He said he didn’t like it, and it was like… ok, great.

Interviewer: How long are you talking about, approximately?

Fey: Uh, 15 years ago? 10 years ago?

Rudd: It might have been about…9 years ago?

Fey: What did you play in it? In the Sixteen Candles part of it?

Rudd: I did um, I had a few different parts.

Fey: You were a swing?

Rudd: Uh, I was a swing yes. And then I sang a song at the end. With The Vapors. Turning Japanese. And Armisen might have been on drums.

Fey: And I played one of the grandmothers.

Rudd: Yeah, you and…Will?

Fey: Arnett? Yeah, Arnett and I.

Rudd: And Jon Glaser, Jon Glaser was Molly Ringwald. No!

Fey: No, Amy Miles was Molly Ringwald. Glaser was Anthony Michael Hall.

Rudd: Glaser was Anthony Michael Hall.

Interviewer: Does this exist somewhere? Can we watch this?

Rudd: It does exist somewhere, yeah.

Fey: In Amy Poehler’s living room.

Rudd: Actually, she told me she watched it recently.

Fey: Yeah, she, maybe that’s what reminded me, she sent me a screen grab of it recently.

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